We’ve been doing some Thinking, and we’ve made an exciting Move!

After three brilliant years running Moving Thinking, I’m joining forces with my old friend and colleague Bryan Miller at his nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultancy Strategy Refresh.

Over the last few years Bryan and I have both developed some truly innovative approaches to help charities define and overcome their key strategic challenges, and bringing our skills and experience together is a very exciting move. Plus, it’ll be great fun too!

We both know from long experience that to deliver real change, strategy must be developed with and by the people that are going to deliver it. That’s why at Strategy Refresh we offer our own unique approach to strategic consulting. With specialist training and support activities embedded within our planning projects, we help build the skills, knowledge and confidence of our clients’ teams and so ensure they’re fully equipped to drive forward lasting strategic change within their organisations.

Please do click-over to visit us at Strategy Refresh to find out more about how we can help. And to all the wonderful fundraisers, marketers and charities that we’ve worked with at Moving Thinking – thank you and hope to see you at Strategy Refresh!
April, 2014