“I have worked with Mark for two years as a client and not only is he extremely insightful regarding understanding our audience and how to communicate with them but he also consistently delivers relevant and current sector knowledge. He brings with him a range of professional skills which have meant he’s been a real asset in terms of strategic support and project delivery. He is also one of the easiest people you could find to work with. All in all I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”
Catherine Cotrell, Head of Fundraising, RSPCA

“Mark is one of the most talented people working in the NGO sector. He combines really smart thinking with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. He is also a joy to work with.”
Ian Prager, Director, MC&C

“I’ve worked with Mark over the last five years and he has provided great input into the development of the RNLI’s supporter development and legacy fundraising. He has excellent insight on the trends, challenges and opportunities in the fundraising sector and has made a significant contribution to our fundraising strategy.”
Richard Popper, Head of Central Fundraising, RNLI

“The RNLI and I have worked with Mark for the last five years. I can’t say enough about the excellent work that he’s done developing our legacy & in memoriam strategy. It is an absolute pleasure working with Mark, he shows such professionalism and is always willing to go the extra mile. His diplomacy and planning skills are exemplary and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to develop their strategy or grow their business”
Natalie Ness, Head of Legacies, RNLI

“Mark’s innovative, brave, witty and wise. I’d like to think he learned all that whilst working at Dogs Trust.”
Adrian Burder, Marketing Director, Dogs Trust

“Over the past six or seven years Mark has provided great advice and insight to the Brooke’s donor marketing/fundraising programme. Our income has grown massively during that time and Mark played an important role in that success.
Mark is great at identifying trends and patterns within and beyond a programme – and then translating that into practical recommendations and plans that make a real difference to success. Mark is able to see beyond what is being achieved at the moment, to identify opportunities for growth and development. He gets under the skin of a charity, understands its team, ambitions, programme and, most importantly, its supporters – I’ve found his instinct of what will work to be very good.
Mark’s confident, creative and logical approach inspires belief and his warm, pragmatic manner and sense of humour means he is a pleasure to work with, especially during demanding times.”
Sharon Schofield, Fundraising Director, The Brooke

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