Portfolio Strategy

brief case with personPicture your entire fundraising operation as a briefcase (or portfolio). All the ways that your supporters support your organisation are the products in that briefcase.

These products are probably the backbone of your organistion – without this portfolio your organisation would not function.

So its critical that you understand your portfolio intimately and objectively. You need to know what’s in it, what’s missing, what to prioritise and where to disinvest. With this insight, you can make big strategic decisions with confidence. With this insight you can focus fundraisers in the right places and transform net income. And with this insight you can innovate where you need to innovate, and fill critical gaps in your portfolio.

Moving Thinking has pioneered charity Portfolio Strategy, helping charities large and small and speaking on the topic internationally. We’ll help you build clear and powerful insights that answer the following questions:

  • Who are our competitors and what territory do we occupy?
  • What is our audience universe and where is the growth opportunity?
  • What are our products, where should we focus and what are the gaps?

Our approach gives you bespoke tools to evaluate your portfolio objectively, and help siloed fundraising teams come together to build effective cross-portfolio strategies. It’s also surprisingly fun! If you’d like more information on how you could apply Portfolio thinking to your programme, please do get in touch.


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