Identify yourself!

If you’re a fundraiser, here’s a great way to move your thinking on whilst helping your charity, your cause and your sector raise more money…

As a rule charities just don’t spend enough time breaking down the complexities of why people give. Generally fundraisers and direct marketers follow hunches, repeat success and infer the reasons behind results achieved. Occasionally, and usually in isolation, research is carried out and some changes made. Broadly, this has been good enough. Voluntary income has grown and fundraising is becoming a more professional discipline. But fundraisers are not, as a rule, scientists.

Which is why the work of Adrian Sargeant is so important. For years now, the world’s only professor of fundraising, has been quietly applying scientific rigour to fundraising’s big questions and sharing the results. His recent studies into philanthropic psychology with Public Radio in the US are fascinating and profound, particularly how social information can be used to dramatically influence behaviour. This work is already helping charities that follow the principles raise more money. And now you can help…

Adrian is exploring what role ‘identity’ plays in giving, and how we can use this information to encourage high gifts and increase loyalty. This means unpicking the impact of the labels we and donors choosing to define our relationships and understanding how donors connect with the personality traits they perceive they share with the organisation they support. Initial research shows there’s massive fundraising gains to made here, donors give more and are just happier about their support when we push the right buttons, but he needs charities to get involved to complete the study.

My previous agency Whitewater and some of their clients are supporting the research, but there is room for more charities to get involved. It won’t cost you the earth, you’ll learn lots and you’ll be able to make your fundraising better. No brainer!

For more information click here to contact Adrian, or leave your details with me and I’ll put you in touch.

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